What is a thrift store anyway?

A thrift store is defined as a shop of second-hand goods that may or may not benefit a charity.  There are major chain thrift stores run by very large organizations as well as smaller shops that often support churches or smaller charities.  Both are great, but you may want to look into where you are putting your money.

Do some on-line research before you head out to your nearest thrift store.  You can use sites like Yelp and The Thrift Shopper  to guide you.  Just take the reviews as guidelines, not true facts.  But you knew that already, right?

Some thrift stores operate “for profit”.  They sell second-hand goods and donate some of the proceeds to a charity, but the goal is for-profit.  It isn’t always the case but I think their prices run a little higher than non-profit.  Shop where you like, but just be aware of where your money is going.  Don’t get me wrong a $4.00 sweater is amazing, and I would probably buy it, but just be an enlightened thrifter!

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