I have some cleaning cocktail recipes for you. These can be used for your thrifted items as well as any items that need to be cleaned up.

First: Vodka. That was easy. Add a half a cup or so to your laundry that needs to be disinfected. A less expensive approach is to launder your item first then spritz it with straight vodka or vodka with a few drops of an essential oil. (Lemon, peppermint, balsam) No, don’t drink it, just spritz it!

Second: Scented Vinegar. Use white distilled vinegar and a few drops of essential oil. It is great for those items that need a fresh smell. For example sports uniforms, towels that have been thrown on the floor, pet toys, thrifted items that need a little freshening, etc.

I really don’t like to dry-clean my clothing so I carelfully launder it myself. Not only does it save me a ton of money, but I feel like I am saving the planet one cashmere sweater at a time. I do however send my husband’s shirts out to be laundered. They look so much nicer professionaly pressed.

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