Jonathan Adler Thrift Store Style

Jonathan Adler Thrift Store
I think that Jonathan Adler is so amazing but who in the real world can pay nearly $300.00 for a figurine? Not me! I want the Jonathan Adler look on a practical budget. And by practical I mean nearly free. I can’t commit myself to loving a horse head figurine for the rest of my life!!

So here’s whatcha do…You go to Goodwill or any thrift store and look for figurines that have a similar look but need a change of color. These things look SCARY in the store so prepare yourself.

Nothing looks better than a clean, white canvas so bust out the spray paint. I painted each one with Killz Spray Primer first and then a few light coats of Rustoleam White. Easy and SOOO much better!

Jonathan Adler Rams Head Horse Squirrel

I like these prices much more don’t you? It makes you want to see what treasures await at Goodwill doesn’t it?!

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