Lime Green Nylons in the Garden

Lime Green Nylons in the Garden

Did you get pick up any treasures this past weekend at the 50% sales in ThriftLand?

I did!!  I hit the GDub and the ARC Thrift.

I bought myself some PantyHose!  New in the package pantyhose and no I didn’t plan on actually wearing them on my body.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Here is the deal on the pricing.  Don’t pay more at a thrift store than you would at a regular store.  You would think that would go without saying but sometimes the prices are Crazy.  50% off day is the perfect time to get a Super Bargain!

I bought the panty hose to use in my garden.  Hence the $1.00 limit on my purchase.

Cut that baby into strips.

I used them to attach my climbing rose on the trellis.  See!  Black pantyhose for the black trellis.  It’s all so matchy!

You can’t even see it!

Which is why my next pair was Lime Green.  When would you ever wear Lime Green Pantyhose?  Maybe in 1983.  These should have been priced at 25 cents by the way.

I like the part where it says these fit everyone from 100 to 160 pounds.  That would be false advertising.   But since they are for my roses and not me I don’t mind the lies.

All disguised and ready to go!

You can trim the ends if you like.

Just a little ThriftDee gardening advice!

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