Wardian Case Terrariums and Greenhouse

wardian case ARC

I found this Wardian Case at ARC Thrift for $4.99.

A Wardian Case is basically a terrarium that was created to move specimens of plants from one continent to another.  Martha Stewart did a lovely segment about them, you can watch it HERE  

I miss The Martha Stewart show.   I don’t care that haters gonna hate.  She is my fave.  Ok, yes she does scare me a little bit.

Thrift Store Terrarium


You can pick one up from Terrian.  It will set you back $128.00.  No thanks, I like mine thrifted.

Oohhh this one is a bargainn at $98.00!

Greenhouse One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane just added these for $99.00

I picked up this six sided one at Goodwill for $9.99 I think.

Dear Thrift Stores please don’t jack up the prices if you are reading this.  Thank you.

I can’t guarantee that you will find one while you are out thrifting but at least you will know what it is if you come across one!

Wardian Case

They look beautiful inside…


or out.

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  • susie June 16, 2013 at 09:28pm

    I have seen these before but passed them up! I thought they were interesting but wasn’t sure what to do with them. Thanks for the info, they look great in your display!