Birkin Tote DIY

  Every teenaged girl needs to go back to school with a Birkin.   That is if you have  an extra $14,000 laying around.  Of which I do not.  So I did the next best thing, I fauxed up one for me and one for Katie the Intern.  Doesn’t every intern go home with a […]

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Teacher Gift! (That they will actually like.)

There are ENTIRE Pinterest Boards dedicated to teacher gifts.  67% of which are not great.  They are cute and creative but not really practical.   Let me just say for the record that I LOVE TEACHERS!!  I APPRECIATE THEM ALL!     I don’t want to be rude or ungrateful but let me fill you […]

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Save for Back to School with Savers!

  Some of us have little ones starting pre-school, some elementary, and others like myself have some going off to college!  I sent my son’s girlfriend off with some great thrifted things for her apartment!!  My son got some too but he could care less about adorable. This was the look that I was going […]

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Blueberry Muffin Top Cookies

I accidentally made the BEST cookies ever.  To be honest they are more like the famous Muffin Tops from the Seinfeld episode. Just like every famous invention, I was busy making chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry muffins in the same day.  I grabbed a bowl of dough out of the refrigerator and started making cookies […]

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Thrift Fail or Simple Repair?

All seasoned thrifters have had this little problem. You find something adorable, and you give it a quick once over for stains or tears.  Then when you get it home you notice a tear that you missed.  Dang it!! I once thrifted the most adorable dress from the Gap, washed it and when I was […]

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Road Trip!

Let’s hit the road!! Feeling a little antsy this summer?    How does a road trip sound?    Ahhhhh…..no time or money? Travel Souvenir Glasses are your answer!  I found a collection at Goodwill and picked them up for less than a gallon of gas each! I could not believe that the collection was just right for […]

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Flag Sneakers DIY

Katie the Intern has been busy this week getting ready for the 4th of July. Look how cute!! Here is how she did it.  (Watch the Video!)

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How to Stain Concrete

  A few years ago the city was tearing up a section of sidewalks in our neighborhood.  I asked the guys if I could have the leftover pieces for my garden.  They happily set them in place for me.  Nice workmen!! The “raw” concrete looked fine but I wanted them to look more like flagstone. […]

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ARC Thrift Grand Opening in Louisville

Yesterday I had the opportunity to explore the Brand New ARC Thrift in Louisville.  You are greeted by a beautifully displayed collection of 4th of July decor and well stocked shelves. Katie the Intern and I were delighted to find great fashions at very reasonable prices. Katie the Intern even learned the term “Dickie”. I […]

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