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Sweater Week Day 3

Mittens are so cozy and are so much cuter than plain old gloves.  Sure they only cost a few dollars to purchase, but isn’t it more fun to make a pair? Give yourself some extra room when you make the pattern.  That way you will have some space to sew.  (No, that is not very […]

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Sweater DIY Week Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the ThriftDee Sweater Week! This is a simple way to keep your coffee cozy! Just cut off the cuffs of the same sweater and slide it over your Starbucks Reusable Cup.  Do you have one yet? I love mine!! You pay $1.00 for the washable cup and Starbucks give you […]

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Sweater Week Look One!

Welcome to Sweater Week here at ThriftDee! I took one $4.00 sweater and upstyled it for a week’s worth of posts!! Today is Number One the neck warmer. Some would call it a snood. Snood is a weird word. Snooood. Yuck. So I’m going with neck warmer. This is Katie the Intern modeling it for […]

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Welcome to Sweater Up-styling Week at ThriftDee

I took ONE Goodwill sweater and I’m going to upcyle it all week!! I paid $3.99 for this red cowl neck beauty and my plan was to see how many things I could do with it. Just wait to see all of the fun things I made! First of all you could wear it just […]

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Edison Lamp DIY

Every thrift shop has these “Anniversary Clocks”. Some are made from glass and some are plastic, but for some reason they are all gold. The clock has an older person, stuffy, quiet house, boring  feel to it.   So I say use the basic pieces to create something great! I love the industrial/vintage look so […]

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The Completely Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

If you read Young House Love (and you should) then you would know that they tossed out “The (Completely) Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge”.   You know,  I’m gonna pop some tags, I got 20 dollas in my pocket.   So my thrifting buddy Ashley and I headed out with a 20 dollar bill and […]

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