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Sweater #DIY Week Continues!!

Well guess what? We have more sweater #DIYs coming your way. As you may recall we had one $4.00 Goodwill sweater that I cut up and tried to make as many things as I could think of. First, I made a neck warmer/scarf from the cowl neck. Then I made a cute cuff for my […]

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Sweater UpStyle Week Day 4

This  sweater UpStyle was a little tiny bit out of my league so I enlisted the help of a “stunt”-sew person.  My neighbor Carlyn was kind enough to make my vision of a Sweater Ipad cover a reality!  She made it look so easy.  If you have a sewing machine and know how to use […]

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Sweater Week Day 3

Mittens are so cozy and are so much cuter than plain old gloves.  Sure they only cost a few dollars to purchase, but isn’t it more fun to make a pair? Give yourself some extra room when you make the pattern.  That way you will have some space to sew.  (No, that is not very […]

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Sweater DIY Week Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the ThriftDee Sweater Week! This is a simple way to keep your coffee cozy! Just cut off the cuffs of the same sweater and slide it over your Starbucks Reusable Cup.  Do you have one yet? I love mine!! You pay $1.00 for the washable cup and Starbucks give you […]

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Sweater Week Look One!

Welcome to Sweater Week here at ThriftDee! I took one $4.00 sweater and upstyled it for a week’s worth of posts!! Today is Number One the neck warmer. Some would call it a snood. Snood is a weird word. Snooood. Yuck. So I’m going with neck warmer. This is Katie the Intern modeling it for […]

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Welcome to Sweater Up-styling Week at ThriftDee

I took ONE Goodwill sweater and I’m going to upcyle it all week!! I paid $3.99 for this red cowl neck beauty and my plan was to see how many things I could do with it. Just wait to see all of the fun things I made! First of all you could wear it just […]

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