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Edison Lamp DIY

Every thrift shop has these “Anniversary Clocks”. Some are made from glass and some are plastic, but for some reason they are all gold. The clock has an older person, stuffy, quiet house, boring  feel to it.   So I say use the basic pieces to create something great! I love the industrial/vintage look so […]

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The Completely Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge

If you read Young House Love (and you should) then you would know that they tossed out “The (Completely) Unofficial Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge”.   You know,  I’m gonna pop some tags, I got 20 dollas in my pocket.   So my thrifting buddy Ashley and I headed out with a 20 dollar bill and […]

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Girl Scout Cookies

Instead of throwing your thin mints on a paper plate, or eating the directly standing in front of the freezer, why not elevate the experience with a beautiful brass tray and cocktail ware. I love the Savannah cookies the best, with frozen thin mints coming in a close second! Yummmm…What is your favorite?

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Weekend Thrifting and a Little Macklemore Action

I picked up a new monogram pin this weekend while thrifting. I’m a monogram fanatic and I don’t care at all that the letters are not my own. In fact I like it better that way. Maybe it’s an identity crisis, or maybe I just like typography I’m not really sure. Do you like monograms? […]

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That’s a clown question bro.

Let’s be honest, you can’t possibly find a sad harlequin/mime clown on a rearing unicorn figurine just anywhere.   I found this at the Salvation Army. I am telling you if you do not thrift shop you are missing out on an entire world of the strange and unique.  Someone bought this.  With money.   […]

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Jonathan Adler Thrift Store Style

I think that Jonathan Adler is so amazing but who in the real world can pay nearly $300.00 for a figurine? Not me! I want the Jonathan Adler look on a practical budget. And by practical I mean nearly free. I can’t commit myself to loving a horse head figurine for the rest of my […]

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