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Restoration Hardware or Thrifted?

via Oh Restoration Hardware you know how much I love you, but I can’t seem to part with $39.00 for a metal basket.  I can, however go to my local thrift stores and take a look at what they have to offer. Perhaps something like this from Goodwill? $1.99… oh that seems much better. The […]

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Shift to Thrift

Make the Shift to Thrift.   Choosing thrift is a small change that can make a huge impact on your community and the environment. I think the perception of thrift store shopping is changing, it carries less of a stigma than in years past. The thrift stores in my area are packed! On many occasions […]

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Green with Emerald 2013

What emerald treasures are hiding in your local thrift store right now? You will never know until you go looking, and the good news is you can re-donate when Pantone announces the new color next year. What do you think of Emerald? Do you plan on incorporating a little more verdant pastures in your decor?

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United in Orange Go Broncos!

We are excited in Bronco Country. They are playing in the AFC Divisional Playoffs right here in Denver, Colorado! Bust out all of your orange this week. A thrift store is a great place to load up. Think of the karma, you are helping out our city and bringing the Broncos luck at the same […]

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Downton Abbey Returns

Are you sooo excited for the return of Downton Abbey on Sunday! I cannot wait! I thought that I would inspire you to make a pot of tea to celebrate. Thrift Store silver can be cleaned in your dishwasher and then you can polish it right up! Here is my ode to Downton Abbey. Gather […]

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Winter Decor

It is time to take down the tree, but this still counts as “Winter Decor” right? It is snowy and adorable! What is cuter than a VW with a Christmas Tree on top? A VW with a Christmas Tree on top Under Glass. I found the VW at Goodwill along with the fake snow and […]

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