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Thrifting Norwegian Style

 You can see my entire Norwegian adventure on Instagram.  Follow me here:  Big Hair runs in the family. I’m so lucky to have family in Norway!  I went to visit my cousin/bff/former college roomate Lisa and her beautiful family over Spring Break.  She took me on many adventures through Norway and of course we had […]

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Valentine’s Day

  Nothin’ says loving like coming to bed dressed like a doll with a bonnet on your head.  I picked up these vintage baby doll pajamas from Goodwill the other day on a little shopping excursion with my favorite intern.    I had visions of Betty Draper ala Mad Men dancing in my head. Then […]

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I need some Spring already.

Since I can’t take this gray weather for one more minute, I thought I would trick myself into believing that Spring is right around the corner.  I live in Colorado so basically we don’t have Spring until mid May if we are lucky. Look in the back of your grocery store for the marked down […]

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You know…The Doily Dilemma

So here’s my thing with doilies.  I don’t really like them.  Case in point, every time we have some sort of event at my house my mother-in-law says, “Do you have any doilies? I think it makes things look nicer.” Then I say, “No, I don’t really like doilies.” Now fast forward to the next […]

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This is my “My hair is so big that I can’t hold my head up” photo. Blazer is H&M Thrifted from Unique Thrift Shirt Ralph Lauren  Thrifted from Goodwill (Altered by ME!) Old Navy Skinny Boyfriend Jeans Mens Brogues Thrifted from Goodwill (Some Italian Brand) I love this shirt but it started out with a […]

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Polar Vortex Gotcha Down?

  Are you freezing right about now?  Wondering where to go for affordable blizzard gear?  Do I have the place for you! Goodwill!!  They are heated and FULL of affordable freezing weather attire!  I found all of these items during the year, but the big score was the red parka yesterday!  I have plenty of […]

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