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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Don’t go out and buy a Mass Produced Ugly Christmas Sweater.  They are BORING and not Tacky enough to make an impact.  If you are going to go Ugly go BIG.  Go Griswold.  This is no time to play it safe. Try to find one at a Thrift Store or Op Shop!  Better yet go […]

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How to Apply Window Film DIY Easy!

I put together a little DIY on how to apply opaque window film to give yourself a little privacy but you keep in the light!  I would like YouTube to install face filters.  Ok moving on.   Step One  Clean your window. Step Two Cut a piece of window film about 2.5 inches larger than […]

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How to REMOVE Hard Water Stains

Do you have hard water stains on your windows or shower glass doors?  I have something that will REMOVE it without disgusting chemicals.  It won’t hurt your glass, and you will get a mini workout! (bonus) You know I love Coconut Oil for everything!  Why not use it on your hard water stains.  It WORKS!!!  […]

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ThriftDee Threads with ThredUp

Well hello there!  I thought I would let you know about another thrifting option!  Did you realize that you can thrift from the lounginess of your own couch?  YES you can! ThredUp is an online thrift store.  ONLINE.    You know that I love a good thrift store experience.  Nothing in the world is better […]

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Sugar Scrub for the Crafter

Need a last minute gift for the crafter, painter, diy-er in your life?  Perhaps someone that just has grubby hands all the time?  This will scrub the gunk away with no disgusting chemicals!! It’s easy! Gather your supplies: Coconut Oil (I used Organic Refined) White Sugar Turbinado Sugar (Granulated) Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, and Vanilla […]

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DIY Bathtub Caddy

Have you seen the beautiful bathtub caddies floating around the internet?  Did you say, Hey I could make that! Me Tooo! Making a Bathtub Caddy is easier than your think! First measure your bathtub and see if you have room for a caddy.  I measured the width and then added 2.5 inches on either side.  […]

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