The Top 5 Tips for Thrift

First let me start off by saying these are my personal top five tips for thrift shopping.  Other people may have different things that work, but these work for me!

1.  You need to go often.  If you went to a thrift store “that one time” and didn’t see anything you liked, then you might need to go again and then again.  Merchandise changes hourly sometimes and all it takes is “right time right place”!

2.  Look in unexpected areas.  I shop in all areas of the store.  Kid’s clothing, Men’s Shoes, Electronics, even if you aren’t looking for anything specific.  The employees just have to guess where items go sometimes, so finding great things in the “wrong” place is a bonus!

3.  Don’t buy something just because it is too inexpensive to pass up.  Ok, I am totally guilty of this one, but if you don’t know how to alter clothing or you don’t or can’t fix something don’t buy it.  Just Love it and Leave it! Give yourself a budget, and stick to it!!

4.  Don’t let the imaginary germs freak you out.  Ok yes this isn’t Nordstrom but as long as you use hand sanitizer and wash your items once you get home then you’re good.  Once you get “used” to thrifting this one goes away. (For the most part)

5.  Go with a plan.  Or don’t.  (This is why it is number 5)  Some go thrifting looking for something specific.  That doesn’t work for me because the odds of finding the perfect whatever on the day you are looking are pretty slim.  If you go with an open mind and a Strict Budget then picking up things as you go is a better plan for me.

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