Bar Carts


If there is a bar cart hiding in a thrift store I will find it.  And then I will buy it.  Do I need five?  No I don’t, and that is how my friend received this one.  I’m lucky that I have a television producer that lives next door.  She helped me with a very LONG day of shooting ThriftDee videos so this was the least I could do!

The cart was missing the top sheet of glass, so I had one cut.  Having the glass cut was triple what I paid for the cart!!  That’s ok, because all together it still was affordable and beautiful!

The bar-ware was also thrifted.


Look at the bamboo detailing.  Isn’t it beautiful?!  I think so too.

As for the bottle of Kraken Rum.  I don’t drink but the label is the best EVER!!

**Loaded bar carts are best for homes that do not have children.

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Thrifting never looked so good!!

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  • pippa May 16, 2013 at 03:06am

    FANTASTIC idea! I am trying to think of a few creative ways to “gift” a cart!!!!! Thx Dee!