Thrift Store ADD

You know how you go into a Thrift Store looking for something in particular and you come out with 10 more things?

 Well that happened.

Katie the Intern and I went thrifting for a pair of high waisted jeans to do a little DIY on, and next thing you know our carts were full of  other important things.  Like cute outfits.

So I came home and laundered my new finds and hung them out to dry.

Oh we remembered to buy the jeans too!  A little DIY coming later this week!

Thrifted Clothes Line

It is the middle of May and the leaves on this tree just came out two days ago.  You have no idea how happy leaves make me.  Green!  Finally!

laundry line 011

We hit the Sunday Thrifting Jackpot!

laundry line 016

This shift dress is my FAVE!  It is so Mad Men this season!!

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