ThriftDee Mother’s Day

Thrift Store Jar Bouquets

Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  Are you ready?  I put together this floral inspiration for you just in case you needed a last minute gift.

I picked up this carrier at ARC Thrift for $3.99.  The jars were free.  They are Classico Pasta Sauce jars that I collected  hoarded.  The flowers are from Costco.  They were $13.00.


So for less than $20.00 you can have a beautiful centerpiece or gift anytime during the year.

Grocery Store flowers are the BEST!  I like to find the marked down flowers at my grocery store.  They are normally still beautiful and a lost less money.

I like to lay out the flowers so I can see what I am doing.

For this arrangement I used the beautiful kale in the center back jar.  That way I could build my arrangement from there.


I gathered three stems for each jar originally.  One lacy, one solid, one green.  It looks much nicer if each bundle is different.  I cut the ones in the front a little bit shorter than the ones in the back.

Then I just filled in with the leftover flowers.

The mess was easily wrapped up.


Here they are in my dining room.


But then I moved them to my kitchen table where I could see them!

For less than $20.00 you have a beautiful gift.

What do you like to do for Mother’s Day?

I like to eat pancakes at IHOP.  You heard me.  I only eat them twice a year, once on Mother’s Day and once on my birthday.   Pancakes don’t really appeal to me the rest of the year.  Strange I know!!

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  • ella May 10, 2013 at 03:28pm

    Soooo much prettier than flowers your order and have delivered and with a personal touch!
    I’ve been looking looking for the perfect vessel for my mom. Haven’t found it yet. There’s still time!

  • Tiffany Joan May 10, 2013 at 03:21am

    Totally gorgeous. Great idea.