Road Trip!

Vintage Travel Glass Souvenir #Thrift

Let’s hit the road!!

Vintage Travel Glass

Feeling a little antsy this summer?    How does a road trip sound?    Ahhhhh… time or money?

Travel Souvenir Glasses are your answer!  I found a collection at Goodwill and picked them up for less than a gallon of gas each!

I could not believe that the collection was just right for our family!!  I picked up an extra on Etsy to round it out.

Vintage Travel Glass

Grocery store flowers add just the right amount of color!  I really love the vintage colors and graphics.  It is the perfect summer centerpiece.


Travel with me on my ThrifDee journey!

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  • Susan in Colorado July 23, 2013 at 03:11pm

    Too cute…. 🙂