Thrift Fail or Simple Repair?

All seasoned thrifters have had this little problem.

Thrift Repair

You find something adorable, and you give it a quick once over for stains or tears.  Then when you get it home you notice a tear that you missed.  Dang it!!

I once thrifted the most adorable dress from the Gap, washed it and when I was ironing it I noticed slashes in the back.  Like someone was in a knife fight and lost.  You don’t get that kind of visual from Nordstom now do you.  Nope, you don’t.

Don’t throw it out!  Just use a bit of hem tape to fix it right up.  No sewing required.

Turn your garment inside out and iron it so that everything is smoooooth…

Peel away one side and then iron down the paper.  Remove the paper and place a piece of fabric over it.  Normally hem tape is used to hem up your pants, but you can use it for other repairs as well.  It is easy to find, I bought mine in the grocery store!


I used an extra piece of flannel from my stash.  It doesn’t have to match because it is in the inside.


Turn it right side out and Viola!  you have repaired it back to new.  No sweat or sewing machine required.

Isn’t it nice to repair something and continue its purpose?  I think so!

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  • pamela October 12, 2013 at 09:36pm

    LOVE IT! I just thrifted the most perfect plaid top…but a slash in the back I didn’t even notice until I got home 🙁 But this should rescue it!

  • Dawn August 13, 2013 at 05:46am

    Yes it is! I recently bought a skirt and realized once home that the elastic was shot. I just opened up a seam, pulled it out and replaced it good as new. Skirt was 50 cents, elastic was 1.29. Still a great deal!