Falling for Fall

Fall is my favorite season.  I love the sweaters, the warm dinners, and most of all the beautiful color display of the Colorado Aspens.Fall Napkin Holder Pine Cone Faux Bois

Fall has attacked Colorado with a vengance!  Our state is drying out right now with beautiful sunny days.  Our family was very fortunate and did not have any flood damage, but there are so many right now that are dealing with loss and devistation.

Colorado reminds me of pine cones and mountains so when I came across this faux bois napkin holder at Goodwill I couldn’t resist.

Faux Bois Napkin Holder Pine Cone

It was only $4.99 and it looks beautiful stacked with seasonal napkins dontcha think?  (Would 99 cents have been better, yes.)

Pine Cone Napkin Holder

Fall into your local thrift store and see what treasures await!

Hang in there Colorado!  The sun is shining again.

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