I’m Falling for You

 I woke up this morning to fog.  If you grew up in the Central Valley of California fog means one thing: Fall!

Well I’m no longer in the Valley but the fog made me think of all things cozy.  It is officially time to take out your Goodwill Fall decor!

Halloween Goodwill Decor

All thrift shop Halloween items.  ALL OF THEM!!

My boys are grown up now, but I love to see them in their Halloween costumes year after year.


The banner is easy to make.  I happened to use Microsoft Publisher but I think you could do the same thing in Word.  A word about Word.  I hate it.  But that is neither here nor there.

In Publisher create a triangle on a blank page with the shape maker.  You can do two to a page with one triangle upside down.

Then click on the triangle and choose “format shape”.  From there chose the fill tab on the bottom.  Choose the photo you would like and make sure you click the “Lock the Aspect Ratio” button so the photo won’t be wonky.

Banner in Publisher

If you want larger triangles, just use one per page.

Fill with with pictures of your favorite little ghouls and viola!  An adorable Halloween banner!

Just cut them out and use a regular hole punch in the corners, string through a little orange ribbon and you’re done.


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  • Sue October 02, 2013 at 01:58pm

    Such a warm, cozy fall/halloween display. Great tutorial as well. What a cute way to remember our little “devils” when they are grown up. I’m assuming some of those items are thrifted, of course?