Merry Thriftmas!

Holiday Card Holder Thrifted

Don’t you love going to the mailbox at this time of year?  I know I do!   It seems like more and more families are opting for on-line cards. (myself included this year)  I love seeing all of the families grow up and I get so excited when the mail man shows up!

Holiday Card Holder

WHAT?!  I just saw one of these on ETSY for $24.99.  Don’t go ETSY Go Goodwill!!

I have been collecting these skirt hangers?  Is that what they are?  I have picked them up at all different thrift stores.  The next time you see one you will know what to do with it!  It is perfect to upcycle into a card holder because the clamps can face up or down.

Vintage Card Holder

Just fill ’em up with your friends and family!  I hung them in the hallway so I can see them as I come into the house.

Merry Thriftmas!


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