The Gift of Thrift Flannel Shirt Coffee Cozy DIY

Flannel Cuffs


Flannel Cuffs

This is the easiest DIY ever.  The good news is that it turns out soo adorable you can give one to everyone you know!  Everyone that drinks coffee or cocoa or tea.  I’m always amazed when I meet someone that doesn’t drink coffee.  How is that even possible?  Well I guess there are a few exceptions, like if it is against your religion, or you are highly allergic.  Other than those two exceptions you really should try it.   Addicts like friends.  Ok moving along.

So first you take out your box of flannel.  If you don’t have a box of flannel, then drive on over to Goodwill.  They should have an entire rack.  Check the men’s and women’s clothing sections.  Now wash them up and there you go.

Flannel Cuffs

Now cut off the cuffs with a pair of fabric scissors.

Flannel Cup Warmers

Are these the cutest things you have ever seen??!!  They fit perfectly over a paper hot cup.  I ordered 500 online once.  Just a little sidenote.

That is one cozy cup of  coffee.

The Gift of Thrift

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    Love your idea!!! I had never thought of using the wrist area of a flannel shirt for this!!

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