The Gift of Thrift Neighbor Edition


It is nice to have a few little gifts around during the holidays.  You never know who is going to drop by!  Do you feel like you can extend the gift of thrift?  I do!!

I picked up these Vintage Kerr Jars at Goodwill.  I hope it was half off day.  (ahem)

How do I know these jars are truly vintage?  Well according to this piece of tape, this jar held Apricots back in 1969!!  I find that so interesting?  Yes, I could be the only one.

This isn’t a cooking blog.  (Yes, I DID testify to that in court once.  Long story)

But here is a quick recipe for candied walnuts.  They are easy to make and soo very delicious.  You can give them as a gift or hide them for yourself.  It will be our little secret.

This is what you will need.



Sea Salt

Put one cup of sugar in a pan and heat it up on medium high.

Leave it alone until it looks like this.  DO NOT stir it with a wooden spoon because it will go all granulated on you.  I am not a scientist but I know from experience.

Now throw in some walnuts.  3 cups or so.

Stir it all up and DO NOT TOUCH IT!!  Now sprinkle this with sea salt.

Now you just scoop them into your adorable Vintage Kerr Jars that you found thrifting!!

Well done!  Gifts all Around!

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