The Nutcracker

Squirrel Nutcracker

Oh did you think I meant the other Nutcracker? The one with the dancing mice?  Nope this is about nut-cracking squirrels.   Is this the cutest rodent that you have ever seen?  I was so excited when a little family of squirrels moved into my yard.  They are silly, playful and apparently enjoy using the stuffing from my patio cushions to make their nests.  All of a sudden they were much less attractive.

As you know I love to thrift shop and I would love to tell you that I found this at Goodwill but I found it at Target.  I happened to notice it from afar and it scampered right into my cart.  Imagine that.   I think I can identify with those cute little furry monsters.   I love to collect things (Yes,  The Goodwill Gal will comment below on my tiny hoarding tendency), and my brain seems to be a little squirrel-like!!!

The lamp, cake plate and the glass dome are all from thrift stores, so don’t dispair.   I am still thrift hunting/hoarding/donating/re-buying.     I had to take a little hiatus from blogging but I hope to be back in the mix.  Right in time for the holidays!!

I just saw a red squirrel nutcracker at Anthropologie…. you know what that means.

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  • ThriftDee December 10, 2013 at 08:37pm

    Sue! You lucky dog!! I would love to find one thrifting!!

  • Sue December 10, 2013 at 03:08pm

    I found a silver squirrel nutcracker while thrifting and instantly fell in love with him. He makes appearances around our house through the different seasons. My boys think I am crazy, but he is here to stay along with the red Anthro one I will now be on the lookout for!