Polar Vortex Gotcha Down?

Polar Vortex Goodwill


Are you freezing right about now?  Wondering where to go for affordable blizzard gear?  Do I have the place for you!

Goodwill!!  They are heated and FULL of affordable freezing weather attire!  I found all of these items during the year, but the big score was the red parka yesterday!  I have plenty of parkas but I do have one rule for myself.  One in and one out.  That way you can’t be qualified as a hoarder.  So there’s that.

Not only can you pick up great cold weather gear for yourself but another idea would be to pick up some coats for your local homeless shelter.  Since I bought a parka I donated one to my local shelter.  Now is the time to think of others as well.   Pick up some great parkas at Goodwill and deliver them to your local shelter.  Don’t  forget that they need mens, womens, and childrens coats, hats and gloves.  Warm you heart by keeping someone else warm too!

Stay warm in this Polar Vortex weather!

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