Dipped Mercury Glass Mason Jars DIY



Do you know what happens when you are addicted to Pinterest?  You spray paint stuff.  Paint all the glass!!
Mercury Glass DIY Mason Jars

Ball was kind enough to come out with two nostalgic glass colors, green and blue!  But that is fun enough, so I decided to try my hand at the Mercury Glass craze!  DO NOT paint your thrifted/vintage Ball Jars.  That would be silly.  Just paint the new ones.  Got it?

Here are the tools that you will need for this project.  Glass jars, painters tape, and Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint.  I had a hard time finding the Krylon paint but finally came across some at WalMart.  Call ahead because it flies off of the shelf.


We decided to tape off the tops on some, the bottoms on others, and some we just sprayed theentire inside.


This one has a stripe of tape in the middle just for fun.IMG_9802

This is what we call “The Spray Painting Station”.  It is a cardboard box.

I admit this one was a little tricky but it worked.  I taped a circle of paper inside one of the jars so the paint wouldn’t go to the bottom.  I didn’t want to tape off the entire inside because it is pretty tricky to get your hands all the way inside.  It actually worked!


So now you just spritz the paint INSIDE the jars and then kind of roll it around.  It will be liquid-y so just keep rolling it around and then turn the jars upside down to dry.  Keep adding coats of paint until you get the shine you want.  I admit that there is a learning curve and some didn’t look as nice as others.  Just keep trying!!

Mercury Glass DIY Mason Jars

See the dipped effect?  The clear glass on the left is shiny on the top but clear on the bottom.  The blue jar on the right has the stripe.

Mercury Glass DIY


Looky there!  All spring-y and shiny and glorious!IMG_9853You can add a battery operated tea light for an amazing sparkly night light!  It looked like fire flies in a jar.  So pretty!

You can find my tutorial for a Mason Jar Solar Light HERE

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  • Cheryl Ellenburg January 31, 2015 at 04:27pm

    I have 2 large vases that are mercury glass. For some reason they have faded and not as shiny as when bought. Can you think of a way to bring them back to their original look.? It seems that any type spray would take away even more of the shine. Thanks for your help.

  • susie April 28, 2014 at 01:31am

    Great project…just in time for those patio BBQ’s! Thanks for sharing!

  • kristen April 24, 2014 at 01:16pm

    Dee! Love this idea so much! Can’t wait to try!