Recycle those Glass Jars

Tinted Mason Jar DIY


This project is a great way to re-cycle all of those glass jars you have been saving.  Wait, am I the only one with a glass jar stash?  If you need the perfect jar then have Spaghetti and Meatballs tonight!!

Put 3 tablespoons of Elmers Glue in a small container and add a squirt of Gel Food Coloring.  No I am not using exact amounts because that is how I craft.  By the seat of my pants.  (Try it)


So now just add the mixture to a clear, clean, glass jar and swirl.  Then turn upside down on newspaper to drain out the excess.  Yes it is messy.  Now turn right side up and put into a 200 degree oven for 10 minutes, flip them over and go another 10.  Keep going until the color is sheer.

Tinted Mason Jar DIY

Nope, they are not waterproof so put you flower into a little ziplock bag and gently lower it inside.  DON’T DRINK OUT OF IT!  (Did I really have to tell you that?)  But what kid hasn’t eaten some glue in his lifetime, or food coloring for that matter.  Still don’t!

Tinted Mason Jar DIY

Step back and look at your beautiful tinted glass jars!!

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