Thrift Scores, Thrift Hauls, I Even Shocked Myself!

Thrift Haul


You know how much I love thrifting right?!    I guess I took a little break because I realized that I hadn’t been in a long time so Katie and I headed to Goodwill.  A little back story,  Katie has been looking for a red quilted Burberry jacket forever!  The retail is over $600.00 and on Ebay they are around $300.00.   I look for her at Goodwill when I’m there and I know this sounds weird but I knew that I would find one eventually.   So Katie and I go to Goodwill on a whim and she found the Kate Spade sandals and we were pretty excited because they were priced reasonably ($7.99).   I LOVE jackets (just ask The Goodwill Gal) so I try to avoid the jacket aisle, because I swear it is like going to the pound without coming home with a puppy. They just sneak into my basket.   I see this red jacket and I think, this is a pretty good knock-off, then I see the Made in England tag and I think, wow what a coincidence,  then I see the Burberry tag and for some reason I started walking really fast to the back of the store.  I felt like someone was going to take it, or that Goodwill would ask for it back, or what exactly I don’t know!  Katie and I were laughing and jumping up and down basically!  It was $40.00 which is high, but it could have been higher!!  Yay!!  Don’t you LOVE a bargain!!!

Once we had the thrifting bug once again Katie and I headed to Unique Thrift which is run by Savers.  Katie has an amazing eye and plucked this Tory Burch right off the rack.  It was $7.99 as well, which is weird because they had a Target exercise top for $9.99?  I don’t get it.  Then they made the announcement that Mondays are 25% off!!  Score!!


What have you found lately?  Did you get the crazy run out of the store before someone realized what just happened feeling?

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  • chloe August 15, 2014 at 08:49am

    Vivienne Westwood capri pants for £6 and a Barbour Jacket for £8. My pulse raced and I broke out in a sweat.

  • Susan August 05, 2014 at 10:43pm

    I found a Lafayette 144 grey jacket, that looks either never worn or hardly worn, at Goodwill on Monaco for $8.99 recently. In style and very nice.

    PS – I miss your posts on the Goodwill blog.

  • Paige June 05, 2014 at 05:46pm

    Hi Dee – Just thought I’d let you know how much I adore your blog. So well written while showing a great spirit…. Keep the posts coming!