Ugly Christmas Necklace DIY

Ugly Christmas Necklace DIYOk, I will admit this necklace was a little harder to make than I thought it would be. Come on, How Hard Could This Be?!  Well after a few tries, a few YouTube tutorials, some Google University Studying….I finally made one.  Yay me!  I followed this TUTORIAL

Ugly Christmas Necklace DIY

First things first:

1.  DO NOT pay more than $3.00 for each brooch.  Use ones that you have or buy them at a THIRFT STORE, use that magic Kohl’s Cash.

2.  Look for ones with a secure-ish clasp.

Gather up some thrifted brooches, and a chain necklace.  Preferably one on clearance.  The more bling the better!!  The goal here is Ugly, Gaudy, Tacky….you know the drill.

Ugly Christmas Necklace DIY

I used the template from this DIY .  Lay out your jewelry on some plastic mesh so that you can pin the brooches in place.  You can pick up the mesh in the cross-stitch section of your local craft store.  Pinning them on is a little tricky I admit, but it makes the next step easier.  

Ugly Christmas Necklace DIY

Once it is all in place you can trim away the extra mesh.  The tutorial that I used showed solid brooches so you couldn’t see it.  My brooches had more open space so it was a little tricky.

Then at the end I decided to use jump rings to attach them all together.  Then attach the brooch mass to a chain necklace with more jump rings.

Ugly Christmas Necklace DIY

I left some of the plastic mesh on for the picture but once you are sure your jump rings are holding you can take it off.

Remember The Uglier The Better!!

Thrift On Ladies!!

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