How to Make a Diaper Cake DIY

Diaper Cake DIY

I used organic cotton diapers for my cake, but you certainly could use any kind that you like.

Start rolling the diapers from the top opening to the bottom leg part.

Secure each rolled diaper with a rubber band…you won’t be able to see them later….

I used a 10 cake circle to put the cake on…

start building up the diaper rolls from the center…use a large rubber band to secure it…

keep adding diapers until you have the size that you would like….

there we go…..

Now fold a receiving blanket on the diagonal……..


measure the width of your diaper and fold down, making a long skinny cover for the cake…

like this…see?

secure with another rubber band….don’t use pins! you don’t want anything that could poke the baby!


Start Embellishing…

you can add baby items by pulling out a few diapers and putting in wash cloths, baby hats, onesies…etc




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