Mason Jar Solar Light Compilation

Well for most of the country Spring is in full force.   Not so much in the Rocky Mountains but I am looking forward to it!  Here is a simple and beautiful addition to your yard or patio.   Along with Hometalk I have put together a compilation of Mason Jar Solar Light ideas for you to check out!!

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Click HERE to follow the link.  Take a minute to browse through all of the great ideas!

I made mine a few years ago and have had great success and a few mishaps.

Mason Jar Solar Lights

First of all, if you live in the rain and snow they will get a little bit of water inside of them.  A reader suggested using clear plumbers caulk to keep the water out.   I just screw off the lid and dump them out.  Caution, if you leave water in them over the winter  they will freeze and break.  I speak from experience.  However they are inexpensive so just make another!  Mine lasted for a really long time here in the crazy weather.  If you live in a more temperate climate you shouldn’t have any problems!!   Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions on the original post!

Yes that is our sheepdog The Mighty Casey photobombing.

For a full tutorial on how I made these adorable Mason Jar Solar Lights click HERE.

Thanks for reading, and let me know how yours work out!!

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