Organize Thy Self

Oh hello!  Here we are in 2017 and we are still buried in cords.  I was kind of hoping that we would be all cordless at this point!!


But since we are all getting organized, and it’s January, I thought I would get you started corralling the cords.  Here’s what you’ll need.

One wooden box.  It could be a wooden in box from an office supply store, a thrifted one, or one they have at Target right now!

You know I am ThriftDee so I got mine at the GDub.  But you do what you want.


I picked this up for a $1.99.  Yes, it should have been 25 cents.


Now paint the box whatever color that you want.  I chose thie color STEEL from TARGET!  Did you know they are expanding their craft aisle?  Yay!

Paint it all up.  You could also paint the inside if you are a super crafter.  I fall into the lazy crafter column so I did not.

img_2273 img_2274

You will need a space for the power strip cord to come out of the side.  I was using a crate thing so I just used my Dremel to cut the side part off.  You might want to sand this part a little.


I used this Scotch brand velcro to fasten the power strip inside the box.


See, It’s like a little hidey hole for cords.


The slats on the side are great for ventilation.  You might want to add some holes to the back if your box is solid.  All that charging could get a little warm in there.  Yes you can still see the cords a little because this box is open.  I don’t really care.  It is better than the snakes nest that it looked like before!


Ta Da!!


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