Make this Witch Wreath with Dollar Store Items!

Decorate your door with this adorable Witch Wreath!  She looks like she crashed the Halloween Party!

Hit up the Dollar Store for your project pieces.  You will need: a bucket or laundry basket, a pool noodle, some socks, zipties, a broom (or use one that you have), and a tutu or two!

I think you can even get a door hanger there.  The cheaper the better because you are going to bend it!

Let’s get crafting!  First cut your pool noodle in half for the legs.

I used an awl (a metal pokey stick thing) to put holes into the plastic bucket.

Use a zip tie to attach the pool noodle to the edge of the bucket.

Do the same with the broom.  I made sure to put the broom where I wanted it before I made the holes.  Use a zip tie to secure it.

Now lets dress her up a little!  Slide some socks over the pool noodle legs.  You could use stockings for this also.  Socks are WAY EASIER to maneuver though.

I used TWO tutus that I picked up from Goodwill, but I noticed that the Dollar Store had some in the party section.Just put the tutus in and they should stay on their own.  If yours don’t stay try a little hot glue.

Ta Da!  That is it ladies and gentleman!  I  slit the back of the bucket with a serrated knife and slid a metal wreath holder in there and then just bent it until it hung the way I wanted it to.

I also had some cheap sparkly shoes from the Target kids Halloween section from last year.  I added them to her pool noodle legs because the Goodwill shoes were too heavy!

Isn’t she cute!

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