How to Ship on Ebay

Are you interested in selling on Ebay but you are hesitant because of the shipping?  Don’t be nervous!  Here are some things you need to know.

  1.  You can print shipping labels from the Ebay website.
  2.  It is CHEAPER than the Post Office
  3.  You don’t have to wait in line at the dreaded Post Office
  4.  Your mail carrier will pick it up for FREE
  5.   Your mailing supplies are FREE


The most important item that you will NEED for shipping is an inexpensive postage scale.  That way you aren’t guessing at the weight of your item.  Anything under 16 ounces ships First Class.  You MUST ship through Ebay because standing in line at the post office will cost you more!!!

You can use my affiliate link for a Beautiful Rose Gold one for under $20.00!  You will make your money back in savings in just a few sales.

The next thing you will NEED are FLAT RATE PADDED ENVELOPES.


You order them for FREE at the link above.  They cost $6.50 to ship.  There is NO weight limit!  If you can get it in there it ships for $6.50!  I once shipped TWO IRON BOOKENDS that weighed about 15 pounds!  It would have been $30.00 to ship regular mail.

Selling on Ebay is fun and you can make some extra money for the holidays, your Starbucks habit, or to buy grass fed organic beef.  Who doesn’t need some extra money.  Try Ebay as your side hustle!  Some sell full time for their sole source of income.  You can do it!  Follow me and I will show you how!

Here is a link to the Dymo Label Printer that I use!  It will save you a TON in ink!

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