DIY Bathtub Caddy

Have you seen the beautiful bathtub caddies floating around the internet?  Did you say, Hey I could make that!

Me Tooo!

Making a Bathtub Caddy is easier than your think! First measure your bathtub and see if you have room for a caddy.  I measured the width and then added 2.5 inches on either side.  I bought pine boards and had them cut to the length that I needed.  Home Depot and Lowes will cut the lumber for you if you ask really nicely!  Then measure the width of the 2 or 3 boards together so that you can have two support pieces as well.

A clean old sock is the BEST thing for staining wood.   Lightly sand the wood and then wipe clean.

I used Minwax in Classic Gray and Ebony.  I can’t give you exact measurements because it will depend on the wood.  I used the SMALLEST size and had a ton left over.One coat of gray.

Then I added two or three coats of Ebony on top of that.  Eyeball it to see how dark you want it.

Measure the board again to make sure it fits.  Then you will need to see where the supports will go on the bottom.

Mark the spot where the support will go.  My bathtub has a curved edge there so I placed the support underneath and marked it.

Then I used 3 coats of wipe on Poly.  It is sooo easy and my go to sealer.


Find your drawer marked Glue.  You will find it above the drawer marked Bungee Cords.

Glue them all together and wipe away any spills.

Clamp em up.  I waited 24 hours for the glue to set.

How did I not take pictures of the support pieces? I have no idea.  Place the support pieces where you marked the sides and screw them in place.

Add pretty hardware!  I found these at Target where all of the fun things live.

Now place your iPad on the bathtub caddy and hope to goodness that it doesn’t fall in.  I’m willing to risk it.I use a cast iron cook book stand to hold my iPad.   Yet another Target find!Now turn on The Crown and enjoy your handiwork!

Here is a list of everything you will need.  Printable List HERE


I used 3 1×4 cut to the length I needed

Appropriate Screws that will not rust due to steam

Minwax wipe on stain in Classic Gray and Ebony

Old Clean Sock

Minwax Wipe on Poly


Wood Glue


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