Sugar Scrub for the Crafter

Need a last minute gift for the crafter, painter, diy-er in your life?  Perhaps someone that just has grubby hands all the time?  This will scrub the gunk away with no disgusting chemicals!!

It’s easy!

Gather your supplies:

Coconut Oil (I used Organic Refined)

White Sugar

Turbinado Sugar (Granulated)

Peppermint Oil, Lemon Oil, and Vanilla Extract

Small Bell Jar with Lid

2.5 inch Labels

Combine the sugars and coconut oil into a bowl.  Add essential oils.  I used 10 drops of each peppermint and lemon.  I then added about a tablespoon of vanilla extract.  You can add more or less depending on what you like!

I printed this LABEL out and put it on top. Would you like a label?  Here it is:  FREE LABEL DOWNLOAD  It is 2.5 inches.

I put mine right by my kitchen sink.  It removes paint, glue, gunk and all sorts of crafty  messes!  It even removes labels from jars!!!




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