ThriftDee Threads with ThredUp

Well hello there!  I thought I would let you know about another thrifting option!  Did you realize that you can thrift from the lounginess of your own couch?  YES you can!

ThredUp is an online thrift store.  ONLINE.    You know that I love a good thrift store experience.  Nothing in the world is better than finding that diamond in the rough.  However sometimes the rough part is a little rough.   ThredUp is a well lit, clean, organized thrift store of my dreams.  Shopping in pajamas?  OK!

On black friday I picked out a few things for myself.  A JCrew holiday button down, a pair of Antonio Goldshmeid cropped jeans, (yay!!) and my favorite of all time?  A TORY BURCH shift dress.  It is soooo cute!    The shoes are thrifted JCREW.

Here is the BEST part…I have a discount code for you.  Use THRIFTDEE as the code in checkout to save 50% off your first order.  Let me know what you find!

Here is another fun thing about THREDUP,  you can clean out your closet and send in womens and kids clothes and earn a little cash or credit.

Happy Thrifting!  Remember, It may not be new but its new to YOU!

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