How to Apply Window Film DIY Easy!

I put together a little DIY on how to apply opaque window film to give yourself a little privacy but you keep in the light!  I would like YouTube to install face filters.  Ok moving on.


Step One  Clean your window.

Step Two Cut a piece of window film about 2.5 inches larger than your window on ALL SIDES.

Step Three Water down the window with warm water.

Step Four  Separate the Opaque Window Film from the backing.  SEE VIDEO

Step Five Spritz the Window Cling Material with Water as well.

Step Six  Slide the Window film around so that it it evenly centered.

Step Seven Squegee (one of my favorite words) Out the Water and Air Bubbles

Step Eight Trim excess with a razor blade.

Step Nine  Wipe it all down with warm water and ENJOY a private shower!


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