Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Don’t go out and buy a Mass Produced Ugly Christmas Sweater.  They are BORING and not Tacky enough to make an impact.  If you are going to go Ugly go BIG.  Go Griswold.  This is no time to play it safe.

Try to find one at a Thrift Store or Op Shop!  Better yet go look in your Grandma’s closet.  Don’t tell her it’s ugly.  We like to use the word FESTIVE in professional thrifting circles.

Not only is Ugly important for the season, it is great for the planet!  There are plenty of Ugly Christmas Sweaters that need a second chance at happiness!  Save water, save the planet, and save yourself some hard earned cash!  Buy second hand or borrow one!

I have some listed on Ebay and Poshmark if you need one.  I did the digging for you!  You’re welcome!

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