ThriftDee is thrift ninja with an undeniable passion for finding treasures buried in total stranger’s castoffs.

ThriftDee is an adorable suburban housewife with an uncommon gift for thrift. Before transforming into a thrift diva with an undeniable passion for finding treasures buried in total stranger’s castoffs, Dee was a typical, materialistic teenager who used to hide on the floor of the family station wagon whenever her mother dared to venture to a retail store. She has come a long way from those days!

Now, ThriftDee is a professional thrifter and blogger with a slightly unhealthy obsession for beat up cowboy boots, vintage aprons and 99 cent blue jeans. She loves it when someone compliments her on her outfits because she knows she found it at Goodwill! She has curated a beautiful home with thrift store finds that have been recycled and upstyled. 

Deeanna Soicher 2012

ThriftDee is changing the perception of discount shopping and saving people lots of money in a fun, entertaining way. Join ThriftDee on a thrifting revolution that is spreading across America!