Kate Spade Keds DIY

Love the new Kate Spade Keds but don’t love the $75.00 price tag?  Meeee tooo!  So I thought that we would do a little DIY to save some serious cash!! Get your supplies together.  We bought the Keds-like shoes at Tar-jay.  You could also just use some old Keds that you might have laying around. […]

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Happy Earth Day!

   You can celebrate Earth Day with a simple arrangement to spruce up your Spring Decor.  I love to find the flowers at the grocery store in the marked-down section.  Ask for them if you can’t find them! Shop your home and your local thrift store for vases, bottles, and clear glass jars. I just placed […]

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ARC Thrift Haul Spring Color

Spring is supposed to show up here at some point.  Enjoy these Spring colors while we wait. Emerald Green and Polka Dots Chambray and Sunshine I can feel it getting warmer, can’t you?

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WIWW All Thrift All the Time!

Make florals more modern by pairing them with denim and boots.  I don’t want to look 7 or 87. Ralph Lauren Blazer – Thrifted Lucky Jeans Chambray Shirt- Thrifted Old Navy Skinnies- Thrifted Joan and David Riding Boots- Thrifted Vintage Coach Bag – Thrifted from ARC Thrift in Denver Necklace – Target T-shirt – Target […]

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Charity Shop Tour of London and Greenwich England

Won’t you join us? When Charity Shopping in London or the US it is imparitive to fuel up at Starbucks!  Don’t do the math because you will realize that a latte just set you back $8.00 US.  Yikes!  (The exchange rate was 1.7 ish at the time.)  This is Katie the Intern and me getting […]

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Pinterest and Repinly

I just found out that one of my posts is #13 on the most pinned list on Repinly!   That is so amazing! Thanks so much for all of you who have RePinned me. Here is the original post. https://thriftdee.com/2013/03/6532-uses-for-coconut-oil/ That is so fun!!

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Put a Scoop in It!

I love metal scoops and I cannot lie!  (Please sing along) I really do.  Even though I am a professional thrifter, I have a serious case of germ phobia. Using a scoop is fun for kids too, and no one wants to eat germy jelly beans! This is soooo pretty don’t you think?  It is […]

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ARC Thrift Shopping

Holy Cow!  Look what I found yesterday at the ARC Thrift.   (1515 South Broadway in Denver) They are Ariat.  Let that sink in. **Thursday Thrift Tip Look in ALL areas of the store.  I happened to find these in the locked-cabinet section, which is merchandise that is marked a higher than regular prices due […]

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Eames Chair Part Two

  Ooohhh Ahhhh!!  Now here is the problem with the photo above.  The before looks pretty good, but believe me, even after a ton of scrubbing it was just barely white-ish.   So I decided to dress her up a with candy apple seat and champagne silver legs.  Soo fancy!! Oooh it is soo pretty. […]

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