Make this Witch Wreath with Dollar Store Items!

Decorate your door with this adorable Witch Wreath!  She looks like she crashed the Halloween Party! Hit up the Dollar Store for your project pieces.  You will need: a bucket or laundry basket, a pool noodle, some socks, zipties, a broom (or use one that you have), and a tutu or two! I think you […]

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Concrete Candle Holder DIY Modern Industrial

Want to make one of these concrete candles?  Good, It’s easy!   You can use the Wilton Shot Glass Mold.  Buy it HERE Wilton 570-0118 8 Cavity Round Silicone Shot Mold, Green  I used QUICKCRETE concrete mix and filled up the molds. I used a belt sander to shake the concrete and it makes all […]

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Organize Thy Self

Oh hello!  Here we are in 2017 and we are still buried in cords.  I was kind of hoping that we would be all cordless at this point!! But since we are all getting organized, and it’s January, I thought I would get you started corralling the cords.  Here’s what you’ll need. One wooden box.  It could […]

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Mason Jar Solar Light Compilation

Well for most of the country Spring is in full force.   Not so much in the Rocky Mountains but I am looking forward to it!  Here is a simple and beautiful addition to your yard or patio.   Along with Hometalk I have put together a compilation of Mason Jar Solar Light ideas for […]

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When you want to eat Coconut Oil Frosting for Breakfast

I had a moment the other morning when I was eating toast.  I normally eat toast with a schmear of coconut oil, then I drizzle on some honey, and then generously sprinkle it with cinnamon.  It is delicious.  Then a brilliant and lazy idea hit me.  If I combined all of the ingredients I could […]

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How to Make a Diaper Cake DIY

I used organic cotton diapers for my cake, but you certainly could use any kind that you like. Start rolling the diapers from the top opening to the bottom leg part. Secure each rolled diaper with a rubber band…you won’t be able to see them later…. I used a 10 cake circle to put the […]

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Restoration Hardware up that Mexican Pine Table DIY

I feel like you might have this style of furniture in your your house right now or have had it in the past.  Is there something hiding in your garage/hoarding stash that needs a little TLC?  Now there is nothing wrong with this particular style, but I felt like I could make it a little […]

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Flannel Shirt Cover for Heating Pad

Cozy up your Electric Heating Pad with a Thrift Store Flannel Shirt

Doesn’t cozying up with you tablet sound good right about now?  Add a little warmth with a soft flannel cover that is soo easy to make! Find a LARGE or XL Flannel shirt so you have a lot of fabric to work with. You will use BOTH SIDES of the shirt.  FIRST cut the buttoned […]

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Coconut Oil Coffee Sugar Scrub DIY

Coconut Oil Coffee Sugar Scrub DIY

You know what I really love?  Coffee.  I love it.  It kills my stomach, but I drink it anyway. It’s like a bad boyfriend that you just can’t quit. The internet says that caffeine scrubs magically takes away cellulite.  Well sign me up for that!  You know that they can’t say it if it wasn’t […]

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