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Sweets for your Sweetheart

Want to make best friends for life? Take some corn and flour tortillas… bust out your heart shaped cookie cutters… make lots of heart shapes… fry them up in canola oil.    You heard me. m Ok now its time for the cinnamon sugah!  mwah! Now try to take a photo before they all disappear! […]

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What do you mean Valentine’s Day is Thursday?

I went to a new thrift store called the Second Time Shop. It is located in Denver on Happy Canyon and Hampden. It’s run by the Junior League of Denver. You really should go check it out! The merchandise is upscale, and the workers are really sweet and helpful. I found these over-sized Crate and […]

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Sweater #DIY Week Continues!!

Well guess what? We have more sweater #DIYs coming your way. As you may recall we had one $4.00 Goodwill sweater that I cut up and tried to make as many things as I could think of. First, I made a neck warmer/scarf from the cowl neck. Then I made a cute cuff for my […]

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Sweater UpStyle Week Day 4

This  sweater UpStyle was a little tiny bit out of my league so I enlisted the help of a “stunt”-sew person.  My neighbor Carlyn was kind enough to make my vision of a Sweater Ipad cover a reality!  She made it look so easy.  If you have a sewing machine and know how to use […]

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Sweater Week Day 3

Mittens are so cozy and are so much cuter than plain old gloves.  Sure they only cost a few dollars to purchase, but isn’t it more fun to make a pair? Give yourself some extra room when you make the pattern.  That way you will have some space to sew.  (No, that is not very […]

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Sweater DIY Week Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the ThriftDee Sweater Week! This is a simple way to keep your coffee cozy! Just cut off the cuffs of the same sweater and slide it over your Starbucks Reusable Cup.  Do you have one yet? I love mine!! You pay $1.00 for the washable cup and Starbucks give you […]

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