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Polar Vortex Gotcha Down?

  Are you freezing right about now?  Wondering where to go for affordable blizzard gear?  Do I have the place for you! Goodwill!!  They are heated and FULL of affordable freezing weather attire!  I found all of these items during the year, but the big score was the red parka yesterday!  I have plenty of […]

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Home Brew Find from Goodwill

  I was fortunate enough to come across two beautiful beer steins with pewter lids.  I was browsing through Goodwill and spotted these in the housewares section.  I knew that they would be a great gift for a friend of ours that is a home brew enthusiast! I grabbed some paper shreds in yellow and […]

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A Handmade Holiday Woodburning Map DIY

  Do you need a little gift for a loved one who lives far away?  This is the perfect present that is easy to make and is inexpensive too! First you will need to gather up your supplies.  I purchased the cutting boards at Bed Bath & Beyond for $19.99 each.  Bring your coupons!  You […]

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Pass the maple syrup.

  I can’t wait for my family to arrive so I can make them sit through an Elf movie marathon! Please feel free to print a copy for yourself.

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The Gift of Thrift Flannel Shirt Coffee Cozy DIY

  This is the easiest DIY ever.  The good news is that it turns out soo adorable you can give one to everyone you know!  Everyone that drinks coffee or cocoa or tea.  I’m always amazed when I meet someone that doesn’t drink coffee.  How is that even possible?  Well I guess there are a […]

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The Gift of Thrift For Him

  Do you keep a thrift list?  I was looking for a shoe shine box forever and I finally found one!  Why yes theses are the things that make me happy!!  The thing about thrift shopping is that everyone is looking for something different.  That is what makes it so fun. I loved watching my […]

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