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The Gift of Thrift Neighbor Edition

It is nice to have a few little gifts around during the holidays.  You never know who is going to drop by!  Do you feel like you can extend the gift of thrift?  I do!! I picked up these Vintage Kerr Jars at Goodwill.  I hope it was half off day.  (ahem) How do I […]

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Holiday Lights

You can find these glass trees at many different places this time of year, but if you want to spend less than two bucks then you need to hang out in Goodwill. Soak off the labels and throw them right into the dishwasher.  If one breaks you lost a buck. Now take those jars and […]

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Merry Thriftmas!

Don’t you love going to the mailbox at this time of year?  I know I do!   It seems like more and more families are opting for on-line cards. (myself included this year)  I love seeing all of the families grow up and I get so excited when the mail man shows up! WHAT?!  I […]

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The Nutcracker

Oh did you think I meant the other Nutcracker? The one with the dancing mice?  Nope this is about nut-cracking squirrels.   Is this the cutest rodent that you have ever seen?  I was so excited when a little family of squirrels moved into my yard.  They are silly, playful and apparently enjoy using the […]

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  Did you notice that when you are pregnant that you notice pregnant women  and babies everywhere?    Or if you get a new car you notice your car everywhere you go? Well this happened the other day when I noticed that I heard the word essentially everywhere I went.  Politicians, kids, store clerks, essentially […]

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ThriftDee Starbucks Coffee

Right now on you can get a $10.00 Starbucks card for $5.00!   You can only use this offer once so get on it!! If you use your Starbucks reusable cup you get an additional 10 cents off! Make sure you get the app too! For each drink or food item you order you […]

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